A secluded yet outwardly minimalistic restaurant, Flying Piggy’s is almost a juxtaposition of its name and the food it offers. However, it’s not the somewhat amusing inanity of its name that this review was written, rather it’s for the heavenly and insanely delicious food that this restaurant offers that is worth general discussion. A restaurant founded in November of 1997, it has offered Ottawans the very opportunity to eat the basics and best of Italian cooking right here in the capital. With comfortable seating and genuinely rich, yet delicate ambience, this restaurant will appease to your taste buds, heart and if décor is your thing; creative intellect.

For every lover of organic and home-made food, this is also the place to be. It offers freshly cooked homemade pasta that are prepared daily for the mouth-watering public. Every meal on the menu from the taste crushing appetizers, the deliciously rich main courses to the very delectable desserts, defines a place that is no doubt every hungry person’s nirvana. In fact, I think it was named “Flying Piggy’s” perhaps because after satiating your hunger with the chefs’ deliciously constructed meals, you no doubt, grew wings.

In addition, with great food comes great company and great service. It’s the perfect place to meet up for a work meeting, a date or any other type of social gathering. In fact the great service offered by the team of waiters honestly hones the image of a laid back, in-home dining experience fit for all types of social gatherings. With heart warming smiles in a black and white uniform from every waiter or waitress, pleasure seems to be the all round motto upon visiting Flying Piggy’s.

So what are you waiting for? Go give Flying Piggy’s a try at 1665 Bank Street in Ottawa. Believe us, you won’t be disappointed. Feel free to e-mail us your feedback upon visiting the restaurant, we would absolutely love to hear from you.