Getting Started

Hey! Welcome aboard the official Wingd blogging  community platform. We are so excited to begin this journey with you. Please take time to read this page.

If you still aren’t sure of the reason behind the creation of Wingd, visit our about page.

After reading and getting acquainted with our about page, we’d like to walk you through the process of writing, contributing or simply being a part of our community in whatever form you choose.


Wingd’s mission statement is to saturate the internet with rich, relevant and informative content that will both expand, educate and fuel intellect. Our goal is to foster positive journalism; innovative journalism and constructive journalism.


If you support our mission statement and want to be a part of our intellectual community, you may choose one or more of the following roles.


Reader and/or follower: You simply choose to be a spectator/reader on Wingd, and only wish to follow your favourite authors on the site.

Active contributor: You are an active member of the community and contribute articles and content to the site frequently. With this role, you can also choose to build your own sub-community and have a group of followers. Some active contributor roles on the site include regular columnists, microbloggers, and guest writers.

Wingd Team

Head Writer: You are assigned one or more sections on the site and are solely responsible for the content richness of that section.

Editor: Responsible for editing the articles that are to be published on the website.

*Stay tuned for news on more career opportunities on the official team as well as opportunities to advance in your roles on the site.

Creating your profile

We’ve ensured that our sign up/sign in options are very user friendly, and thus all that’s required is to either select to sign in or log in into Wingd. Please note that you will get an e-mail from the team welcoming you to the site. You should also note that depending on your e-mail settings, this welcome email may be shelved in your junk/bulk mail folder. So don’t fret, simply check these folders before contacting us in case you run into any problems at this stage.

Once you are signed in, go to your “profile settings” and edit your image, social media links. These are important details for creating your profile on our community platform to connect you with other people.

*Please note that while updating your profile, ensure that you upload images with equal dimensions (i.e. 150X150px; 300X300px etc) for better quality. All profile images supported on the site are square images. 

What to post?

As previously mentioned in our about page, and terms of service page, Wingd doesn’t take lightly the type of content posted on the site. Once again these content have to be rich and informative, as our goal is to foster positive journalism.

In essence we do not accept biased views, mainstream media content on celebrities and politics, and propaganda pieces. The goal is to use our blog to focus on content that promote neutral stances, educational pieces and articles rich in substance about innovators and their creation, travels across the world, neutral investigative journalism and report on world news, ground breaking scientific findings, impressive artists around the world, health and beauty hacks, and many more types of content like these that focus on education and enrichment rather than persuasion.  

*Please note that articles that choose to focus on mainstream media content but remain positively neutral in its information are accepted.

For example: 

Topic: The 2016 US Elections between Trump & Hilary

Acceptable: Article that supports the importance of encouraging citizens of USA to vote.

Not-acceptable: Article that clearly supports and favours the victory of one candidate over the other.

Note that content ranging from write-ups, personal videos and music, as well as photographs and artworks are all acceptable content on Wingd, as long as they meet our guidelines for shareable content. 

How to post an article on a WordPress site?

WordPress is very accessible and user friendly to new writers online.  but for a step by step guide, please watch the video below;

Optimizing images:

Images are vital when creating posts because they add more information to texts and also add to the overall aesthetic of posts. It is vital to optimize images to ensure that your images are recognized by search engines. The video below shows you how to do this.

After writing & reviewing:

Your article/media post will go into a pending review mode, and will only be published onto the official website once an editor has been able to look through your content and ensured that it meets the guidelines for the website. Please allow for at least 48 hours until publish upon review by an editor.

Note that the only guideline/rule we have on Wingd is that every content posted on the site is informative, stimulating and fits into 1 or more categories present on the site.

Sharing Content

This is the fun part! After you’ve created that write-up/ Hemingway masterpiece, make sure you encourage friends, family, acquaintances, loved ones…you name it – to come read your article. After all, we write to share.

Staying in the Loop

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If you have any questions regarding contributing on Wingd or any further comments, feel free to email us at OR use our contact form.