Have you been putting off your closet cleanse for a while now? You have the perfect excuse to procrastinate no more. As we’re gradually saying our goodbyes to summer and (reluctantly) welcoming fall, now is the time to make some space in your closet for those coats! I can’t believe it’s almost fall; it means winter is just around the corner. Scary. Nonetheless, fall is by far my favourite season for fashion. All the outerwear come out, the best trends are unveiled during the various fashion weeks, darker colours make an appearance, and much more. What’s not to love? It’s just overall fun, and what better way to make space for your fall pieces than to clean out your closet.

After the mental preparation to take this task on, another difficult step is figuring out what to keep and what to rid your closet of for the season. Transitional pieces like jeans, basic t-shirts and some dresses that can be worn with either tights or leather jackets can have some space in your closet alongside your fall pieces. The rest of your clothing can be stored away until their seasons call for them.

During this process, your fall items can also be reevaluated – items that you do not see yourself wearing for a while can be donated or sold. That way, you’re able to keep your closet organized and make some money to possibly splurge on new fall items. Over time, I’ve found that one of the secrets to creating outfits easily and looking well put together is organization. This can be achieved in more ways than one, however, consider adding these organizers to make your pieces even more accessible.


What is your favorite season for fashion? What would you usually do with your pre-owned items? Have some tips for closet cleaning? I’d like to know all about it in the comments below!

Peace and Love, L.