Oh, the joy! When it comes to shopping, nothing trumps the feeling of getting that item you covet on a great deal. Much like myself and so many other people, we have a long list of items we are dying to get our hands on. I’m here to tell you that now is a good time to get most, if not all, of them. A lot of stores/brands that we like rarely go on sale, so we end up waiting for what feels like eternity. But, with spring being around the corner, we don’t need to wait any longer (hopefully). Thank you Spring Season! More items are now marked down, as more room is required for spring collections to be unveiled. So, grab your laptop or comfy shoes and get some items off your list, get shopping!

With us being just 20 days into a new year, it is most certainly a great time to check what items are on sale – lots of anniversaries, birthdays and more coming up. Better to be prepared. To give you a head start, here are some bargains I’ve found:

Sale: JOA Faux Shearling Jacket
JOA Faux Shearling Jacket ($200) ($120)
Sale: Zara High Heel Velvet Ankle Boot
Zara High Heel Velvet Ankle Boot ($119) ($40)
Sale: Minister of Style Marrakesh Romper
Minister of Style Marrakesh Romper ($205) ($118)
Sale: Zara Long Trench Coat
Zara Long Trench Coat ($159) ($40)
Sale: Re:named Off Shoulder Cutout Sleeve Top
Re:named Off Shoulder Cutout Sleeve Top ($87) ($35-$44)
Sale: Mango Oversize Sweater
Mango Oversize Sweater ($60) ($48)
Sale: Schutz Kitty Nubuck Leather Heel
Schutz Kitty Nubuck Leather Heel ($369) ($185) + extra 30% off
Sale: Kat Maconie Vera Suede Bootie
Kat Maconie Vera Suede Bootie ($424) ($255) + extra 30% off

Happy Shopping!