I must apologize first to my readership. It has been a while since I have written. However, it is for good reason. I have been preparing to move from my original hometown area, where I ended up after all my years of travel. I have a few reasons for this move, and I’d like to use this article to discuss my reasons, as a culture based discussion.

My move is to the Stuttgart area of Germany. I will actually be based in a small village north of Stuttgart, along the Neckar river in a wine valley. It is called Gemmrigheim.

Why am I saying Goodbye to America in the title you might wonder, with all the political upheaval occurring in the world, and especially Washington, D. C..

The removal of a top National Security Advisor for previous dealings with the Russians could be a good reason to be fearful of what may be occurring in the White House.

I try to say “may”, because, as a journalist, I may be able to express my personal opinion about someone, which is not the norm, but I need to be fair and balanced in my approach. I do admit, that I haven’t always been fair with the current POTUS. I have feared his candidacy from the start. I tried to look at him as a new possibility for change in America, when he first announced. As a moderate Independent, and moderate Libertarian, I was hoping for change through him. A year ago, an article I wrote might have somewhat supported the concept of a Trump Presidency. That was before his nightmarish behaviour became apparent on national television and news. This article will not be about Trump, but a number of issues.

I have several personal reasons to be moving to this beautiful place in Germany. I have several health problems that German Insurance will completely cover, and will also cover a couple certain medications that are not covered in my state yet! But, my connection to Germany goes back to 1991 to 1992. I spent 15 months in the busy city of Bochum, Germany. I was starring as the lead role of Rusty in Starlight Express. This was no minor contract either. These folks are serious in Germany, when they put on Broadway caliber shows, in better than Broadway Theatres. In fact, the theatre for Bochum’s Starlight Express, going on it’s 30th year in 2018, was built from the ground up, just for the show. I was paid in 1991, 8,000 DM a month to perform. That was about $6,600 a month in 1991. This was ridiculous money to me, and on pace with Broadway salaries of the time. I speak of this only to support my second biggest reason to return to Germany, which is to return to the stage in Stuttgart! I hope to once again star on the stages of Germany, and enjoy the second half of my life still entertaining, and writing as well. So, health was third. My first biggest reason to go to Germany is Love. I have fallen for a wonderful person in Gemmrigheim, Germany, and we will be very happy together, and may return to the Orlando area of Florida one day. So, there you have it. My top 3 reasons to move to Germany.

Now, let’s talk about some other great reasons, which for me are culturally involved!

In America, I have grown to dislike the culture that is not just beginning, but is emanating as a ladle of porridge being spooned out at an atrocious rate.  The disrespect of the young, our own children, so many reports of families killing each other, and hatred, and bigotry once again in America. It is turning my stomach to see us sliding down this path of Tyranny, and Demagoguery, re-energized from the mid 1900’s by one man. People are bashing each other right and left on social media in America. Friends are unfriending each other, and society is splitting into factions across America. We have become a divided, and boiling nation. I might even chance to say, that if the current leadership keeps a stronghold for 4 years, that the United States just may slip into it’s second Civil War. I can’t even begin to imagine what that might look like. Hitleresque? Capitalistic squashing of the middle and lower class into a French style revolution? Cyber wars between Americans? There are two many forms of war that our country can take on within it’s own borders. Borders that may be trapping them in with walls soon.

America was once a place of hope, aspirations, and growth for the immigrant. The immigrants have taken America by it’s $%^#(, and turned it into a money driven machine, that does not fairly consider it’s unfortunate brethren across the Country. Only a small percentage of taxes is spent on helping the needy, the poor, the unhealthy. Yet, battles among ourselves, and our Congress still continue as to whether we should or should not help our fellow man.  This, in a country that was supposedly founded on Christian beliefs, so the Republicans like to push.

I am personally sickened at 47 years of age, by what I have experienced in America since 1992. Yes, 9-11 was terrible. 16 years ago. It is America itself that has become divisive among the people. A divisive people makes for a divisive Congress. Out of that we have deportations, walls, budget cuts to the needy, and more money for the wealthy! America has got everything wrong right now.

I will say here and now though, that I love America for what it is supposed to represent. What it has time and again, broken through barriers to show to the World is a compromising Country. But there is no compromising occurring in America presently, and it is more and more, even in small cities, becoming a dangerous place to live.

Germany brings fair health care to it’s citizens. It has a system that mainly helps their fellow man, and shows a spirit of love, understanding, and compassion for the needy. Germany has learned from the lessons of the 1930’s and 1940’s. Germany continues to move further from those days, and has become a socially open country that accepts many. Every country has it’s struggles, and Germany has their fair share. But, how the people are treated is not one of them.

In Germany, and Europe, you find a large mix of cultures who don’t see each other as Americans do. No racism, no hate for other colours of skin.  Yes, there are radical religions there. But that is an international issue, not a just a German, or European issue.

So, for the moment, I leave behind two older children, who currently are estranged, and my sweet little 9 year old boy. However, he will visit and learn different cultures as well, and broaden his mind, and horizons, as they say.

One day, I may return to America, and as mentioned, probably to Orlando, to maybe work at Disney I might hope. A day when America has rid itself of the current call to judgement of others by it’s leader. When that time has faded, I may consider it.

For now.

Goodbye America!