What are Alpha, Beta and Theta? Yes, good answer they are Greek letters, but they each represent the name of a sorority and fraternity on Ottawa’s University campuses. Did you know our beloved country is the home to many important Greek communities?  Indeed, all across Canada you have the chance to join one of the sororities or  fraternities you know is so popular all across College campuses in the Unites States. So, now that you know this you are thinking of rushing? What is rushing you ask? Okay, I think it’s time you read this 101 Guide on sororities and fraternities below.

What is a sorority/fraternity?

Greek sororityIt’s a local, national or international organization for women or men that are in a post secondary institution. Each club/or fraternity has different goals that stand on different pillars. For example, Tri Delta stands for academic, social, sisterhood and philanthropic.


Why should you join?

A sorority/ fraternity is a great home away from home. You will have the chance to meet amazing people that will remain your friend for life. Its a great way also to enrich your university experience by being involved in your community and on campus.  Also, did you know that being in a society/fraternity is sometimes a guarantee for good grades? Sororities/ fraternities take academics very seriously because they want you to be able to have the best opportunities once you leave school. They sometimes support you in whatever area you need help with in terms of education.

What is rush?

Rush is one of the most important time for any social club or fraternity because it’s the recruitment period.
In the United States, it’s called Rush week because the recruitment period only lasts a week. However, sororities from the University of Ottawa, Carleton and Alquonquin College here in Ottawa last the whole month of September. They organize different activities depending on the pillars they represent. You can expect a lot of social, sports and schooling events. The activities are created to make sure that you’re a great fit for their group. Plus, it’s a great way for you to get to know the sister or brothers so you can get a bid.

What is a bid?

A bid is what all rush-ee want at the end of the recruitment period. It’s an invitation to join the Greek organization/community. You get a certain period of time to accept or decline their offer.

How do you secure yourself a bid?

pic 1Rush for as many sororities/fraternities as you can. It’s really not suggested to only consider one group. You want to make sure you have the perfect match so there is nothing wrong to keep your options open by considering one, two or even three sororities/fraternities.  So, to get a chance to have a bid you have to at least attend three or four activities  and information sessions. Plus, you can always message one of the members of the Greek group you want to join to a personal hangout.  For example, while the sun is still shining go eat some frozen yoghurt at Menchies with your potential club sister or fraternity brother.

What comes after you accept a bid?

It’s pledge time. Pledge is the moment right before you become an official sister or brother. It’s the time you will learn everything about the Greek life and the society/fraternity of which you are going to be a member.

What is a big no-no?

pic 4If you’re thinking of joining a sorority/fraternity only because of what you see in some Hollywood movies, then you will be completely disappointed. What you see in these movies are so far from reality. If you don’t know, don’t be scared to ask questions. Don’t assume.

Some words of advice:

Have the time of your life rushing. It’s an experience that you want to remember, so simply be you and stay classy at all time. First impressions always count.

Have a great rush period. Join a sorority. Go Greek!

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