Autumn is a season of transition, with the skin being subjected to the wind, dryness, and other problems. On the plus side, you have to deal with the damage done by the sun from the summer season. In this period, it is highly important to develop a proper skincare routine, listening to the advice of an expert in the field. Discover some of the best solutions are presented below, helping you enjoy your beautiful, healthy skin. And, remember, your skin requires intense attention during the autumn season, as preparation for winter.

Use a rich moisturizing cream
If the summer season does not require intense moisturizing, a simple lotion being enough, not the same thing can be said about autumn skin care. You need to get used to using a rich moisturizing cream all over again, as this will deliver the best protection against the wind, dryness, and other potentially harmful elements. Such cream will also hydrate the skin, making both fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

Switch to a gentle cleanser
Summer is the season for scrubs and more aggressive cleansers, as you want to clean your skin really well after an entire day spent at the beach. However, as you enter into the autumn season, you have to consider the changes your skin is going through. Switching to a more gentle cleanser is a good idea and experts in the field recommend that you should avoid those that have great fragrances (higher risk of skin irritation). This cleanser also presents a reduced risk of your skin becoming dry after usage.

Take into consideration what you eat
If you want to impress everyone with your beautiful skin this autumn, you have to take your diet into consideration as well. With the temperatures decreasing, you might be tempted to choose heavier foods. However, skin care experts recommend avoiding such choices and sticking with fresh fruits and vegetables. You should also consider including some of the best anti-aging foods in your diet, such as blueberries, spinach, lemons, pumpkins, and apples. These are rich in antioxidants, and they can prevent the premature aging of the skin. And, yes, they have an entirely delicious taste.

Begin the autumn season with exfoliation
During the summer, we spend a lot of time in the open outdoors and especially at the beach. As we enter the fall season, we need to exfoliate our skin, in order to remove the layers of dead cells accumulated on the surface. Whether you prefer a store-bought scrub, or you want to prepare one in the comfort of your own home, you need to exfoliate. Homemade scrubs can be easily made by mixing coarse sea salt or brown sugar with honey. Always apply a rich moisturizer after exfoliating the skin, in order to ensure proper hydration.

Purchase a quality hand cream
Your hands require just as much attention as the rest of the skin. During autumn, the air tends to be quite dry, and your hands can suffer from such changes. If you want to prevent excess dryness and avoid cracked skin, you need to invest in a quality hand cream and use it on a regular basis. By moisturizing your hands, you will ensure that they stay supple all season long.


 Sun protection
Just because it is autumn, this does not mean the sun cannot damage the skin. On the contrary, as the temperature drops and the weather changes, the skin only becomes more vulnerable to the action of the sun. This is the reason why you need to use sun protection lotion at all times, including when it is cloudy outside (as the UV rays can penetrate through the clouds and cause just as much damage). You can use a moisturizer that offers protection against sun damage, so as to save both time and effort.

#Do not forget about lip balm
The skin on the lips is extra sensitive to temperature and weather changes. If you are coming out of summer, it might be a good to use a home scrub for the lips and then apply a moisturizing lip balm. The lips require protection against sun damage as well, so you might want to consider using a product with high SPF. In this way, you will reduce the risk of wrinkles forming around the mouth and look beautiful all the time.

In conclusion, as you enter the autumn season, it is essential to keep your skin hydrated and use adequate products. You need to exfoliate your skin, in order to remove the dead cells resulting from sun exposure during the summer. Exfoliation is necessary for the lips as well, so do not hesitate to use a home scrub. And, remember, autumn is a season of transition, so be patient in embracing the changes it brings.