Today we celebrate a very memorable day in Nigeria. This day symbolizes liberation not just as Nigerians but as “Black” man. We have come so far in rewriting history Black history and it is evident that our presence is significantly recognized all around the world. Today we remember the good fight of faith our fathers laid down their lives for. We remember the last line of the first stanza of our Anthem “One nation bound in freedom, peace, and unity” We also remember our pledge to our country, how we vow to “serve Nigeria with all our strength” every day of our lives. Today is not a day to regret or point fingers but a day to look at our past to present and evaluate the extent of how far we have come as a country, then provide possible solutions to help grow further. Today is also a day we promote equity amongst ourselves and also learn to look out for one another; Old or Young, Rich or Poor regardless of ethnicity or religion. What binds us in this piece of land called Nigeria is neither religion nor Tribe but the unification of resources to promote the common good of this nation. I am thankful to God for my country. And I know that with great and true service we can become masters of the world. Happy Birthday, Nigeria!

Happy Independence day.
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