From Havana to Canada is the famous story of a Latin jazz pianist and composer named Miguel De Armas. He is a pianist that weaves strands of Cuban and American Jazz influences and rhythms in a compelling eclectic way. Born in Havana, Cuba, Armas has succeeded in reaching incredible heights with his music across the Latin American community, but he now hopes to transcend beyond that to the North American scene. He studied at the Conservatory Amadeo Roldan and graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte with a Bachelor in Cuban Percussion.

In 1988, he co-founded the acclaimed Cuban band named NG La Banda Orchestra with other prestigious Cuban musicians, and for over a decade, he toured with this band around the world and performed at various prestigious jazz festivals such as North Sea, Montreaux, Nice, Nantes, Normandia, Couleur Café, Barranquijazz, Río de Janeiro Film Festival, among others. In collaboration with NG La Banda orchestra, Miguel also recorded an award-winning album called The New Cuban Jazz Volume I.

Miguel has recorded over 60 albums, and has collaborated with renowned Cuban artists. He has also performed at the Lincoln Centre in New York and has shared the stage with various internationally acclaimed musicians.

In 2012 Miguel brought his musical talents to Ottawa, which he considers his adopted home. He created the MDA Latin Jazz Quartet combining propulsive rhythms and spirited melodies of Latin music with jazz harmonies and improvisation. In his performances, he brings tasty and head turning musical arrangements of the classic Jazz standards, and Cuban traditional music. Miguel’s hope is to introduce Canadians to the works of an original Cuban talent whose performances are nothing short of a master class in original Cuban jazz rhythms. For more information about Armas, visit his website.

In addition, to see Armas live, his next concert will be on October 2nd around 7pm at Southminster United Church located on 15 Aylmer Avenue in Ottawa. For more information about this event, visit his website.

For a taste of Miguel’s music, watch the video below: