Here and There: Daughters of Diaspora is an art book created by Ojo Agi, a Canadian-born artist of Nigerian descent. Her first publication depicts illustrative portraits of beautiful, ruminative figures that explore the complex intersections between race, gender, hybridity, cultural identification and assimilation.

daughters of diaspora by ojo agi

Agi describes the “Daughters of Diaspora” collection as a means to explore the multifaceted identity that arises from being branded a hybrid, person(s) born and raised in two or more distinct and sometimes conflicting cultures. These person(s) are often faced with pressures to assimilate to the customs of one culture (here) and a desire to retain the customs of the other (there). However, in practise, she has discovered that as a “third world daughter in a first world country”, she is not enough of here and not enough of there.

ojo agi

In essence, “Here and There: Daughters of Diaspora” is an attempt by a deeply pensive artist to explore the concept that many people of colour with multiple cultural upbringings face on the journey towards belonging. The question becomes, is home here or is home there?

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