There are many aspects that create a country’s culture. From food, to music, to clothing, there are so many different facets that help create the identity of a place and in turn shape the identity of its people. Dance is something that is present in different forms in almost all places in the world and although it may not seem so prominent in some, it still exists.

When you think of Canada, you may not automatically see dance as being a large part of our identity, but in reality it is a huge part of it. There are so many talented Canadian dancers that are now getting the chance to compete to represent Canada in a global competition.

On June 3rd, Ottawa will be hosting the Canada Hip Hop Dance Championship Finals at the Infinity Convention Centre. A variety of dance crews will be competing against each other to be chosen to represent the beautiful country of Canada at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship. This event is a great opportunity for those interested in the dance world to see some amazing talent and support dancers from Canada in their pursuit of worldwide success.

Hip Hop International is the company that actually created the show “America’s Best Dance Crew” for MTV and they are seen as a huge leader in hip hop as well as street dance. There are three types of tickets available and they end sales on June 2nd so make sure to get yours soon! This is going to be a great event to attend, and how lucky are we to have it be happening right here in Ottawa this year?

It is time for Hip Hop to make its mark and what better time to do so while we mark 150 years here in Canada!

Watch the promo video below: