Sometimes we focus on our pain, our losses, and the things that we lack. Oftentimes we get wrapped-up in our world, and forget to take a look at the lives of our neighbours. Othertimes we just fail to realize how fortunate we are.

If you wake up every day healthy, you have a roof over your head, you go to sleep on a full stomach, and you have people in your life that care for you, you are living a life worth living. So extending a hand in empathy to those who need it the most is very imperative because it fills the world with love.

Imagine if we all gave one thing to those in need…a minute of our time, a listening ear, a smile…a thoughtful gift…we can truly make the world a better place; a world filled with peace, love, empathy and altruism. Together, we can heal the world, together we can start spreading more love, together we can walk hand in hand to make a better future….all it takes is a thoughtful gift for our neighbours or a stranger.

The Thoughtful Gift Campaign

a thoughtful gift

What: A Thoughtful Gift is a campaign that aims to bring hope and a little joy to people who need help and assistance by offering them care-packages filled with gift items and little surprises to make them feel immensely special. Our goal is to provide 100 gifts to different shelters in need bi- or tri-annually.

Who: Shelters and families in need. The first 100 gifts will be given to three shelters/organizations that work hard to assist women and children that have suffered violence.

Below are the three organizations that we will be donating care packages to in 2016.

Harmony House
Harmony House has been established in Ottawa for the past 30 years. They offer safe, long-term housing and support for women and their children who are living in dangerous housing situations. In addition, they offer affordable housing  to women with disabilities, as well as different progressive programs for women and children like parenting support and after-school programs.

Interval House of Ottawa-Maison Interval d’Ottawa
Interval House of Ottawa is a not-for-profit organization that has been helping women and children find their “safe heaven’ for more than 35 years. They want to end the cycle of violence that women and children have been suffering for decades by offering support, workshops, as well as shelters and programs for emergencies.

St. Joe’s Women’s Centre
t. Joe’s Women’s Centre has been established for over 20 years. They offer Day programs to women in need by giving them a safe and social environment. They provide both educational and social programs to empower women and their children. Their mandate is to offer shelter to help homeless women.

When: The first holiday campaign will run from November 2nd until December 16th, 2016. During this period, the Wingd team will be working very hard to collect donations from different stores, organizations, businesses and the entire public. Please contact us at if you would like to donate today.

Where: This campaign will be held in Ottawa. However, we are hopeful that in the future, we will establish different chapters of “A Thoughtful Gift” everywhere around the world.

Why: We should all strive together to build a better future. We should encourage empathy, and be open to the possibility of wanting to give to others without receiving anything in return. We live in a world where it is all about our wants, and our needs, but sometimes we should think of those around us that are truly in need. Without a doubt, things get difficult in our lives, but caring for someone that needs it the most will help us work together collectively to make the world a better place and it will help us rebuild our strength and our hopes that tomorrow will be brighter.