(BPT) – The days are flying quickly past, and the holiday season will be over before you know it. If you haven’t completed – or even started – your holiday gift shopping yet, don’t worry; there’s still plenty of time to get everything accomplished.

First, be sure to find an idea for everyone on your list before you even think about shopping. With your ideas written down on a piece of paper, you’ll be efficient in checking each and every name off your list. If the ideas are causing you the most problems, try an Internet search. Keywords to use can include “gifts for mom” or “musical gifts for a teenage boy.” And if your list includes people with hobbies, be sure to try an Internet search using those keywords as well.

Since you’re already at the computer looking for ideas, you might as well continue using it to make your purchase. There’s a good chance you can find the same item for sale on several different vendor sites. A quick online search will help you find the item for the best price, and you might also discover you can get the present gift wrapped as well. When comparing prices, be sure to confirm that the vendor can ship your gift on time, what the cost is for shipping, and whether the company has a return policy.

You also can go online to find excellent discounts and coupons for the items on your list. For example, Ebates.com provides discounts and coupons for vendors, and also rewards you with cash back on your purchases once you’ve finished your shopping. So not only are you able to find the item you wish to purchase with a free shipping offer or at a discounted price, but you’ll also receive a percentage of your purchase as cash back to be used however you want.

Before you finalize your purchase, make certain it will arrive before the holiday. Online retailers will provide you with last-minute shipping information so you will know when it’s too late. You’ll also know if you need to pay more for a faster shipping service. Websites like Ebates often have discounts on expedited shipping. The good news is, if you ship the present online while sitting at your computer at home or at the office, you can avoid the long holiday lines at the post office.

If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, your secret is safe. With these tips, you can check every name off your list with minimal effort and know that every gift will be delivered in time for Christmas day.