Lately, I have been feeling very appreciative of Ottawa and the beautiful city it is in the fall and winter. When all the leaves are turning brown, yellow and red, I really get to see a glimpse of how beautiful and special of a place Ottawa can be. People are always looking busy in the fall, getting back into the swing of things and starting school or a new adventure in Ottawa. Its really an exciting time to be back in this city, therefore I feel compelled to appreciate and highlight all of the neat spots and events that Ottawa has to offer.

When it comes to student life in Ottawa, most bars, clubs and restaurants are very generous to them! Pretty much most places that you go you can show your student card and get a decent discount. Especially during the fall when all the new students are making their way to Ottawa, discounts are fantastic, even at stores in the malls for back to school clothes. When it comes to cute and neat little spots for students around town, I would personally recommend a great cafe on Rideau Street called Ever Afters. Ever Afters is becoming more widely known as the place to be among students. With tons of discounts that you can purchase online or even with the flash of your student card, they have great deals when you’re feeling a cafe study session or just a great place to eat. Also, their dumplings are seriously to die for…

In terms of nighttime spots, good places close to campus like father and sons and la Maison always have discounts and cheap beers for every student! They’re always a great place to catch a game and unwind with a couple friends and a lot of cheap booze. If you’re going to Elgin, you won’t want to miss out on Hooley’s wing night. Cheap wings for 89 cents that just keep coming? That’s an offer that no one can pass up!

If you want to go out dancing and burn off some steam from all those stressful midterms and exams, there are plenty of places to go around town. To name a few, try: Green room, tequila jacks, heart and crown. They’re all very welcoming to students and are always a fun time.

If you’re a little older (like me…hello recent graduates!) and looking for a different crowd when going out, try Whiskey bar or Patty Bolands. Whiskey bar is 21 and over and always filled with young professionals wanting to meet some new people, have a laugh and dance the night away. Patty Bolands is not an over 21 bar, but there does tend to be an older crowd that frequents there.

If you’re looking for a little cultural fun while in Ottawa, there are plenty of festivals going on to cater to any of your interests. Also, museum night thursdays are always a great way to go out and explore a little bit of culture in the nation’s capital. All museums in Ottawa past 8 pm are free admission, so you can explore to your heart’s content.

Ottawa truly is a vivacious place, and definitely somewhere worth exploring and settling in. I love the bustling city of Ottawa and all that it has to offer, so go out and explore your city. Let’s celebrate Ottawa!

Ottawa at Night. View from the Mackenzie Bridge
Ottawa city at night. View from the Mackenzie bridge. The Parliament building.

IMAGE CREDIT: Ghislain Bonneau