Whether we like it or not, technology has changed the way that we interact with the world – with one another and with our surroundings. I mean, in the 1960s who would have guessed that we would have personalized computers at our fingertips at all times? Or that those devices would allow you to order food to your door without speaking to a human or have a phone chat on with a friend living in a different time zone? Not my parents, and likely not yours (unless your father is Bill Gates or Steve Jobs – in which case they probably had an inkling of what was to come). 

While thankfully the days of travel backpacks and sandals are still thriving and growing, the experience of travel has been made way easier by tech.

For example, you no longer have to find a payphone to call home (yay!). Bonus. You also have the simple luxury of asking Siri or Google to give you directions, or if you’re really lazy, you can call an Uber in a country where you don’t speak the language and easily find a ride to your destination without having to trip over the language barrier. Fabulous. 

And now, you can do the same with finding travel experiences and travel buddies. 

Let me introduce you to your newest travel app and companion, Wandure.

Wandure is a hostel on your phone – providing you with a network of travel buddies and unique activities in all corners of the world. Wandure connects travellers through a travel buddy matchmaking system that matches you with like-minded travellers ready to explore! 

Wandure also gives you access to a curated network of bookable travel activities. Into surfing? Wandure has you covered. Latte art class on your mind? No problem. Nightlife savvy and want to explore it in your city of choice? Wandure to the rescue. Think of the app as your travel guru. Wandure has a multitude of experiences tailored to your travel style. 

The entire experience is personalized, and the design of the app is super sleek and easy to use!

Just download the app, type in the city you want to explore, and you’ll be met with plenty of options worldwide.

So grab your backpack, your sandals, your phone (and charger), and the world is your oyster. Oh and bring your water bottle (because who doesn’t like some good hydration?). 

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