Last summer, I found out that Salsa dancing on the street was so much fun. I had heard it was engaging and enjoyable. So after much procrastination, I finally went and it instantly became one of the highlights of my summer, that year. I went back this summer, and it was equally as fun. But then it occurred to me that it wasn’t all about having fun and dancing. Nope, it was more about bringing a group of people that would otherwise have not met or have nothing common. It brought everyone together and made everyone feel equal, not just that, it made everyone happy, forgetting whatever bad news they may have heard during the day or whatever struggle they may be going through. This is the same feeling present at concerts, movie theatres (yes!) and sporting events.

I guess that is why everyone keeps going back to salsa every week, every summer. Because everyone wants to feel connected to their community and to their environment. There are various studies and schools of thought that believe that connectedness with the society and community one lives/exists in promotes overall positive health. So, go out and enjoy what your community and environment has to offer.

Connect to Your Environment

Other Ways to feel connected to your environment:

1)    Go online and check the website of the city/state you live in, find volunteer opportunities that suit you and volunteer activities that you actually enjoy. This way, you feel content with your altruistic act and the volunteer organization is appreciative of your help. It’s a win-win.

2)    Organize bake sales in your community. This way everyone can get together and introductions can be made, so your neighbour isn’t just another stranger down the street.

3)    Go for sporting events in your local community, cheer on the home team and meet new people. This is always fun.

4)    If you sing or play instruments. Organize a live concert for everyone in your community. Or better yet, organize a live concert for just your neighbours, in case you live in a big city.

5)    Even recycling connects you to your environment because you are promoting environmental sustainability.

There are so many ways to get involved  with the environment and in the long run, overall positive health is achieved.