Introducing Wingd’s newest partner, Eephorea and their co-founder, Zach Princi. Princi, a fourth-year accounting student at the University of Ottawa, felt as if something was missing until about one year ago. In his third year of studies, Princi became conscious of the fact that he was trudging along monotonously in life. He had no idea what his purpose was, and did not feel as if his path in school was one that he wanted to continue with in his future. Luckily, one day, in his Business Ethics classes, everything changed. The professor played a series of clips of inspirational business men and women, opening Princi up to a world of possibility that he had never realized was there before.


            Although he had always been passionate about music and the loving community which surrounds it, Princi had always seen school as a hindrance to this creative fervor. In watching these videos, he thought, if he could just combine the things he had been learning throughout his degree with his interest in the entertainment industry, he would be on his way to success. He went home that night and suggested what was then, an outrageous idea to his roommates. “I want to hold a music festival,” Princi told them. Their instant reaction was to laugh and question him. Where are you going to get the money? How are you going to get people there? How are you going to book these artists? Princi didn’t shrug these questions off. Instead, he internalized them and sought out to devise a plan that would answer them.

It is one year later, and Zach Princi has achieved what he never thought imaginable. Both himself and a group of individuals whose main passion is connecting people through a love of music and culture, have created Eephorea. Eephorea is an Ottawa based event production company which focuses on giving attendees a multidimensional experience like they have never seen before. In order to do so, Eephorea events do not only include musical entertainment, but they seek to stimulate as many senses as possible. An Eephorea event always begins with some sort of treat like a candy or chocolate to get people’s blood pressure pumping. Guests are greeted on the dance floor by other Eephorea members whose goal is to make everyone feel welcomed and at home right off the bat. Past events, such as their Cirque Electronique event had a face painter, as well as other circus troop dressed dancing around the venue. By allowing individuals to be involved with all of their surroundings, the ultimate goal of the social experience changes completely. Going to listen to music is no longer about drinking an overwhelming amount or bringing someone home, but it is about sharing the moment you’re in with the people around you.

The members of Eephorea believe that life is a celebration, and that everyone should be celebrating together. Through their events, Eephorea seeks to give individuals a safe, inclusive space where people are free of judgement and free to be who they are. Eephorea is a model for what Princi sees to be in the future. Eventually, Princi hopes to mold the interactive experience of Eephorea into a music festival. This festival will be directed at a wide audience as it will be choosing a variety of artists among different genres. This will allow individuals to enjoy more than one type of music during the event, unlike other festivals such as Boots and Hearts or Veld who just accommodate for one type of music.

zach princi

Until this step in their journey, Eephorea will be holding events, primarily at Babylon and Eve with whom they have created great relationships with in the past year. Princi says that without the guidance of Adam (the owner of Babylon) and Bob (the owner of Eve), Eephorea would not be where it is at all today. The owners of these venues are not only the ones who gave them the opportunity to begin their events in Ottawa, but have given them the guidance to help the business succeed. Eephorea has given the lives of its employees a sense of purpose in allowing them to connect with the community of Ottawa and by giving individuals the opportunity to come together and enjoy the company of one another.