King B. Hector Jr., CEO & Creative Director of We Are Kings Inc. has a vision for our world and it includes menswear that is bold and colourful yet professional. His clothing brand, We Are Kings, is built upon the idea that, “We are all kings and queens in our own rights.” According to King, the variety offered to women in terms of clothing demonstrates a large creativity gap in the fashion world. He decided to start his brand in order to, “[create] something different, something that would stand out.” Before continuing his description of his motivation, he huffed out a laugh, “I wanted to create something that would make people feel like kings,” he stated obviously conscious of the wordplay at work.

King describes his personal style as, “very versatile but classy,” and admits to taking note of peoples’ style choices when he meets them. “For me it’s about how it fits, I mean you can wear the most expensive suit but if it doesn’t fit you, it doesn’t look good,” he said. As for any personal preferences regarding his own clothing or his brand, King prefers to stick to suits, and is not a fan of ties. He also does not have a favourite colour surprisingly. Instead, he declared that he likes to, “Play around with colours because that’s what keeps [fashion] interesting. There is no way or style of dressing up; fashion is an expression.” The idea of fashion being more than a series of superficial choices is one that King fights against passionately. He remarked that he expresses himself best through fashion and that people often do not take fashion as seriously as they should.


We Are Kings aims to challenge men to consider the importance of fashion. The brand itself is created for everyone according to King, who recounted that at the beginning of his work with the brand he exclusively used Black models. However, he began to branch out in terms of models after someone asked him if his clothing was meant to appeal primarily to Black men. “The fabric that I work with is called Ankara, it’s from Africa and a lot of people associate that with Black people,” stated King, “one of the things I try to do is show people that this is an inclusive brand, anyone can wear it, style has no cultural or colour barrier.”

we are kings

“My target market is people who care about culture, what they wear, and want to stand out – that African print, the colours, the motifs, and texture – it’s very unique and it has a lot of value,” he declared. Over the past year We Are Kings showcased at fashion shows in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, and now the brand is itching to expand. With the launch of its website in a couple of weeks, King is looking forward to a bright and bold future, much like the bespoke suits he will be creating once the custom order site launches. As for how he stayed with his dream despite the struggle to gain recognition and funding for his brand, King remarked, “I would tell entrepreneurs, we can do so much…stay true to your dreams, it’s not an easy process, but you just have to keep going.”

we are kings

“I strongly believe that we are all Kings and Queens in our own rights and the world is your throne,” King declared, and if that is not enough inspiration for you to get out there and make your dreams happen what is?