Ever heard this sentence floating around town, “There’s a new VIP cinema in Ottawa?”…and you just weren’t sure what to make of it?

Well it’s true. Cineplex recently opened a new cinema in the Glebe area complete with a prestigious VIP theatre, IMAX cinematic experience, and so much more. However, this article will focus on the new kid on the block, the VIP cinema.

The Landsdowne VIP cinema experience as one would expect is a little pricier than the regular Cineplex ticketing price of $10 on any day except Tuesday. The VIP experience costs about $19.99 without 3D or IMAX. With this cost, you get to experience comfortable seating on adjustable chairs, as well as servers providing you with food directly to your seating area from a menu filled with choices of cocktails, wines, appetizers and main course orders. Your food is served directly to you at your seat while you sit back, relax and enjoy the movie. Before the movie begins, you also have the choice of waiting at a lounge/bar area outside of the theatre before you return to your pre-assigned seats for the commencement of the movie.

There is no doubt that this has simply once again elevated Ottawa to a whole new level in terms of entertainment and tourism. Offering this VIP cinematic experience is also another plus for the already vibrant Glebe neighbourhood that is on its way to becoming one of the most ideal places to live in the capital.

So what are you waiting for? You don’t want to miss out on this VIP cinematic experience everyone has been raving about. The Landsdowne cineplex cinema is located on 325 Marché Way right beside the TD Place Stadium, Milestones bar and grill restaurant, as well as many shopping stores. Thus, this is one place you have to visit or experience as an Ottawan or tourist.

Lastly, to read a more in-depth experience of the VIP cinematic experience, read this article from Ottawa Citizen by Miranda Abraham, titled, “Landsdowne VIP Cinemas: An adults-only experience”.