Lets face it: when you like something and you make it into a hobby, you can really break your bank.. the truth is, sometimes what we love to do can cost us, and it can cost a lot. It can cost so much sometimes that it can prevent you from engaging in your hobby. However, your hobby won’t cost you as much if you set yourself a budget and use helpful tips to save.

When I was growing up, one of my hobbies was arts and crafts. If you’re an artistic person you know that the costs of paint, styrofoam, brushes, and any other supply for art can cost a pretty penny. Now when I say I was interested in it when I was young, I mean preteens to early teen years. I’d set myself a small budget each month but somehow I always managed to go well over the amount. College students who major in art can easily spend over a hundred dollars on art projects almost every week, so to put that into perspective you can understand how difficult it is to engage in a hobby that hurts your checking account. I once recreated a forest diorama and spent over one hundred dollars making it. Was it worth it? Well yes of course it was worth it, because it’s something I enjoyed, however, I could’ve saved a lot more. In order to make the water effect I used a liquid based off chemicals from the Hobby Lobby to get the effect of water, once the liquid set, it dried like glass and gave the illusion of water. This bottle cost nearly twenty dollars. I could’ve found almost all the supplies at Walmart for half the cost.

Now if you’re absolutely a perfectionist and want top notch quality, or maybe art is your profession, then of course you’re going to be spending a bit higher. But if you pursue art as just a hobby you can find all the supplies at a local Walmart or even online (websites like Amazon).
Now that I am older I enjoy different types of hobbies such as collecting jewelry and traveling. To save money with travel I utilize some amazing apps and websites that I’d definitely recommend. The app Hopper is a data collecting app that scans future destinations you’d like to go to and pulls up the cheapest prices for you. It fluctuates (as airline tickets do depending on date and time) but Hopper has an alert in which the app sends notifications as to how low your flight has gone down and if it is at its lowest price and even tells you when it will be lower. The website Priceline is an awesome website for not just flights but also hotels, car rentals and much more. To save on hotels booking motels instead can be a huge saver and taking advantage of Airbnb works well too.

Now when it comes to jewelry it’s kind of a difficult situation. Jewelry normally ranges in the thousands, some pieces can go into the tens of thousands. Unfortunately for my wallet I’m always drawn to the sophisticated, expensive pieces. To save money I got a Macy’s card (no I am not being sponsored by Macy’s). Macy’s credit cards let you pay interest free for twelve months. So for example if I find a necklace that I like for six hundred dollars, and I use my credit card, I only have to pay fifty dollars a month, for twelve months, instead of withdrawing six hundred dollars from my savings all at once. It is much more affordable and convenient to pay monthly versus not having a card and having to drop six hundred dollars at the register. The plus side of having a Macy’s credit card is you get to take an additional fifteen percent off jewelry, so the price becomes even lower, and you pay monthly without being stressed. Shopping Black Friday sales and post Christmas sales are good ways to save money as well.

If any of the stores you shop at for your hobbies have reward systems or membership cards take advantage of them because they will help you save, maybe not at the moment, but towards future purchases.

Not everyone’s hobbies cost exuberant amounts of money, but normally hobbies take a toll on our wallets, using helpful tips to save, taking advantage of sales/clearance, getting membership cards, enrolling in reward systems, using coupons, shopping at alternative stores or websites, using apps, and getting store credit cards will help you save.