With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s easy to get lost in our own affairs. What  with having gifts to buy and events to plan, it can sometimes be all too much to handle. It may be so hard to handle that we often forget to include basic mannerisms that constitute respect and kindness. These situations can most often be seen through the eyes of retail worker who, time and time again, gets treated indecently especially around the holiday season.

While most people can agree that Christmas and the holidays are a highly exciting time of year, it’s important to keep in mind that, for retail workers, it’s not the best time of year.

 People can be in so much of a rush that they forget to execute basic mannerisms such as, “please” and “thank you” and it can all be a lot to handle for retail workers. Simply saying these words and being polite can quickly rectify the situation and cause everything to go smoothly.

We can all be so wrapped up in our own devices during the holidays that it’s easy to disregard the feelings and etiquette associated with those who serve us in the materialism world. But, it’s highly important that we also realize the true meaning of giving this holiday season. It’s also important to realize that the holiday season is also about being grateful for what we have and we can also aim to help ourselves. Pursuing an improvement of our character can be one of the many gifts we receive this season and it’s instrumental in helping us all become better people.

It does not matter how rich you are or what type of job you have. It is not okay to treat retail employees like pack mules just to get what you want. They are people too and they deserve to be treated with respect. Judging them by the type of job they hold is a poor indication of character and it’s not your business to judge. Simply be kind to them and everything will be okay.

Everyone wants to be happy around the holidays. They want to look forward to a joyous celebration of the new year and a reflective and meaningful end of the year. That includes people who work at stores. Yes, it’s their job to help you out but it is not their job to accept your heinous treatment of them. If you need something, ask. But refrain from  making comments that are unnecessary. As well, ensure you keep your attitude in check and treat everyone kindly.

It’s a stressful time of year for everyone so please be kind and treat others the way you want to be treated. Do not get swept up in your materialistic needs to the point where they cloud your judgement. Make sure to remember that everyone wants to have fun this season and enjoy the holidays and politeness and a quick smile can brighten up everyone’s day.