It’s summertime! Almost anyway, considering how unpredictable our weather has been. It’s been long coming but we’re still hopeful. Regardless, we’ve had some hot and sunny days, which are perfect for festivals. It’s festival season people! Whoop! One of the upcoming festivals is the Glowfair. A lot of people have heard about it but for those who haven’t, here’s some information for you. Glowfair is a 2-day themed street festival that takes place every year in the heart of Ottawa – Bank Street. Swearing by the motto “music + light + art”, it is completely free and consists of various artists and activities. This year, 16 artists (including DJs) would take the stage and there would be about 9-10 themed street blocks with about 44 activities in total – this would certainly be a blast. To learn more about it, read the “glowfair 2015” post on our website or visit the official glowfair website. Now for the somewhat difficult part of the festival, picking an outfit! For festivals, I find that it is best to look good but yet comfortable in order to endure the long hours of standing, dancing and pure excitement. That said, here are some outfits I found online to give you an idea and help guide your decision:

Kimonos are usually the perfect go-to pieces for festivals. They give an edge to outfits and make it more appropriate for the occasion. Here are some outfits with them:

Personally, I usually pick comfort over anything, so for a festival, I’d opt for a pair of palazzo/loose pants, a crop top or bodysuit and a pair of comfortable sandals.

This is the perfect excuse to don fancy clothes, let loose and have some fun – it’s summer! What better way to enjoy summer than to go for festivals? Have fun at Glowfair 2015.