This article is written like a paragraph of questions. It is supposed to be thought provoking and to steer a conversation. Let’s begin and let’s discuss.

There have been several things happening all around us, and it’s this moment that human beings often rely on answers and explanations. Have you ever sat to evaluate what your life’s driving force is? Or perhaps what life’s deeper meaning really is? Is it what “they” tell us it is or do we search deeper into our very core and being to find answers? Do we need to rely on other people to answer these questions for us? Or are the answers already all around us and within us, just waiting to be found? These are some of the questions one should be asking one’s self. Because a very famous saying states “everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence”. This quote is supposed to force us to reflect on life, push boundaries and to search for a truth, if one does exist.

There are two kinds of people; people that think there is a factual explanation for everything, and people that believe there is a greater purpose to life, and there is never always a concrete explanation for life. So where do you fall?

How about coincidences? Some people say coincidences are simply God’s way of remaining anonymous, but what do you think coincidences really are? Has everything already being pre-determined or is life just an orbital ball of random atoms and matter floating in time and space, and coincidences just happen to be randomly generated?

Is there so much more? – A famous myth is that we use 10% of our brains, and that even if an extra 1% is unlocked, incredible things will happen. Knowledge is very limited depending on time, because knowledge certainly progresses with time. What if all we know now is simply not enough to answer the deeper questions we all have? Is there really so much more to life that we really aren’t aware of? Why is it that earth fosters so much love, hate, war, joy, sadness etc without any rational explanation?

The ultimate question becomes; “Is living truly living?”

Eckhart Tolle mentions that human existence is simply shared hallucination or universal hypnotism. So what exactly is living in lay terms?

What are your thoughts? This is a discussion, leave your comments below.