In a world where chaos exist more than ever, It is easy to get lost and lose sight of things. Call me what you want, but I am a huge fanatic of taking care of myself. Because at the end of the day, your health truly determines your wealth. I couldn’t typically put my hands around it but I decided to put the chaos behind me, and just focus on being better. Improving myself physically, my mindset and Lifestyle.

The way I rationalized around this was just simply, even if everywhere around me is going crazy, I’ve got my health and my some parts going good for me. It is somewhat selfish, but it sometimes selfish is necessary.

I decided to take some steps to improving myself, sharing them with you, you could decide to use them, or just keep going with what you have now. Its up to you.

I created an apocalyptic, I am assuming some of us have watched the Netflix Show called No Tomorrow. For those of you who haven’t, an Apoca-Lyst is simply a list of things you want to do before the Apocalypse. In my case, before I die. No it is not the same as a bucket list because people have bucket list, without any deadlines. With an apocalyptic, you need to imagine the world is ending and these are things your human self is craving to do. Things you would possible regret terribly if you never cross it of. With that being said,  I decided to live every day like its my last, I started writing down the things I truly want to do for ME, myself and I before its too late.

Next thing, I’m sure you guessed it. It is not good enough to just create your apocalyptic, now go ahead and do thing and check them off. There is no point if it just sits on your desk. Based on the fact that a lot of things in my Apocalyptic are very different and thrill related, I ensure to tick one thing off my Apocalyptic every week.

Socialize more, loosen up, it never hurts to talk to the next person beside you. Or even that guy or girl you find attractive. Using myself as an example, When the semester began, I met a cutie in one of my classes, the type to make a grown woman smile. Let’s call him Bob. I sat beside Bob for over a month and a half without ever saying hi. I would come to class, sit down and just listen to my Professor. One day I was so exhausted, I didn’t even know when I sat down and said Hello to Mr Bob. It felt like somewhat type of mistake but it was a mistake that befriended me to a cutie. I thought to myself, would it really hurt to say hi, or interact with people you meet on a personal level?If I had introduced myself earlier, I would have a friend, a study partner, a classmate. Now think about it, what is the worst that could really happen? Plus you never know who’s day you could be making in the process.

I would always and forever keep saying this,  take care of your health, go to gym, run a marathon, have a gluten free challenge with friends, go hiking, take long walks by yourself or with your friend. I know we are also in this stage/ generation of self love, Love your body, no fat shaming. And I 100% agree with that, before I became physically active I made a choice to always love the body I am in no matter what. I decided to become active for my health not just the physique. I am not saying become the next Micheal Phelps overnight. But if you really took care of your body and treated it like your most precious temple. I 100% assure you, it would be worth it. Remember its the little steps/ things that matters.

Take time to appreciate the little things, It could be rewarding yourself for doing your dishes. I know it sounds slightly silly but,appreciating yourself has never been a bad thing. It could also be rewarding yourself with alone time. I do not mean this in the I hate having friends type of way. I mean, being home by yourself, and watching Netflix (not too much couching though), or even making home-made face mask, or DIY decorations. These rewards, makes you appreciate little things you never knew or understand. Sometimes it even takes you out of your comfort zone, which could make you relate more to other little things about other you never could wrap your head around.

Take a chance on Love and kindness, I am not talking just about the cute person listed in #3. I am talking about self love, and the other things out there to be loved. The earth is wanting to be loved, Animals are wanting to be loved. You are wanting to be loved. If you look past the hate, your heart opens out to a whole new world out there. You ever look at kids and wonder why they are so happy all the time asides from when you dont give them candy? It is because they Love soo much. They radiate and give off lots of love. I am so sure most people would rather hang with Kids than adults simply because of the vibe that radiates from each party. Reach into your inner child, and share all that Love you have to give. There is no greater gift.

There is a whole world out there to carpe the Diem out of.