Have you ever had a difficult time picturing a piece of art work in your home? Many times collecting artwork can be a pain when you can’t exactly remember the length of your couch in relation to the television, and was your living room wall an eggshell, or an off-white? There are a select few individuals who can close their eyes and visualize a canvas on a wall on their own, but Ian Nicol, Tartan Homes president, has created a unique way for those who can’t to simultaneously shop for home décor as well as tour model homes.

The idea for the Findlay Creek Art Collection was created by Nicol with the purpose of showcasing art to the community of Ottawa in a comfortable environment. Tartan Homes will be using three large homes based in Ottawa South as makeshift art galleries to present the artwork of six local talents. The local artists being showcased are as follows: Crystal Beshara, Sandy Sharkey, David W Jones, Erin Thibault-Morphy, Ali Fowler and Bar Zuchowicz. This exhibit has been curated by both Ian Nicol and Julie Beun of J Beun Media – the art having been selected in an effort to provide a cross-representation of pieces, including contemporary, representational, abstract and photographic artwork.


For years Tartan Homes has been working to give back to the community of Ottawa through supporting local foundations such as the National Arts Centre, the Shepherds of Good Hope, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, The Great Canadian Theatre Company, Ride the Rideau and Algonquin College’s Construction School of Excellence. Continuing this tradition, owners of Tartan Homes Ian and Bruce Nicol have decided to pursue the Findlay Creek Art Collection with the intention of giving back to Ottawa locals once more. The owners hope that this exhibit will spark inspiration in Ottawa homeowners and the art collective alike to embrace artwork in a new way.

Following a private showing on October 26th, these galleries will be free to view for the community of Ottawa from the 27th of October to the 27th of November. Findlay Creek is a welcoming little subdivision located between Bank Street and Albion Road, the model homes located at 120 Helen Rapp Way.


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art in ottawa

Mini Biographies of Featured Artists

The award-winning work of Canadian contemporary realist painter Crystal Beshara features an array of different landscapes painted with thick brushed strokes.

Erin Thibault-Morphy captures her personal journey, taking place in areas such as Florida, the Gulf of Mexico and the Thousand Islands through abstract paintings of these spaces popping with colour.

Bar Zuchowicz’s paintings feature many different focuses such as nature, still life and portraits, these brought to life by her signature style – accents of light and warmth throughout.

Ali Fowler’s does a great job in reflecting the passion that she has with connecting to nature around her. Her art has been found in different galleries and restaurants in Ottawa, including the West End Studio Tour.

David W Jones is recognized as one of Canada’s top landscape artists, his work being showcased in Canada, Japan, Italy and the United States next to artists such as Alex Coleville, Arthur Lismer and Charles Comfort.

Sandy Sharkey’s art photography features nature through her own unique love for nature. Known prominently in Ottawa as a goofy voice on the radio, Sharkey’s photography features her own explorations where she captures nature in its own being.

Please watch the video below for more information.