How often do you hear someone say that she will wait to do something until the mood strikes her? This method of procrastination is subtle and problematic. On the surface it appears as if the person in question only wants to put her best work forward and so she is willing to subject herself to the whims of her muse in order to produce said quality content. Unfortunately, that also means that she is not in fact working on said project now, and in life, deadlines exist for good reason, so whether your muse is feeling up to a certain project or not does not really matter. Yet, so many people still think it’s perfectly okay to wait on inspiration rather than push themselves to create on a more regular basis. In theory, this idea has credence, because if you create everyday how many of those creations will be amazing every time? Well, not all of them for sure, but there’s always that diamond in the rough that will make your creative exhaustion worth it.

Waiting for my inspiration
Waiting for my inspiration – when is it getting here?

If you want to be a creative person forget wandering around aimlessly, gazing out of windows, and hours whiled away inside your own head. Yes, those actions might help you flesh out a particularly difficult plot point or maybe they will push you to realize that you’ve been analyzing a text incorrectly but, you do not need to go full on maniac pixie dream girl to be creative. Find your creativity inside yourself. Set yourself a schedule if it helps, and devote time to your creativity everyday. Now, every day does not mean writing a chapter of your book every evening or producing a painting every morning, but it does mean that you dedicate some time each day to cultivating your creativity. Push yourself beyond what you believe you’re capable of – do not let the elusive idea of inspiration block you from realizing your potential. Write your book. Create your website. Start composing. Do not wait for inspiration to strike you – just get out there and do it.

Quiet Inspiration
Do not forget about the quiet moments; they allow you to rest and recharge.

Just keep in mind that you are not any less of an artist, writer, or musician just because every piece you create does not take off in the eyes of the public. Sometimes you need to create for yourself, and only for yourself. While I advocate for people to take time out of their days to focus on something creative there are no guidelines for how this time should be mapped out. You can spend fifteen minutes creating a music playlist for your novel’s antagonist and count that toward your daily expression of creativity. Be kind to yourself and your creations. Be proud and happy – inspiration may come and go but the happiness that comes from creativity is enduring.