Every year, like clockwork (almost literally), I start to think about all of the things that I want to achieve in the New Year. Now, I don’t sit there and make an actual list, it’s more like a mental things “to-do” that I hope I can make happen, and for some reason because the calendar says it’s a fresh beginning, I believe it.

In reality, there isn’t anything different about January 1st. Sure, people will start being born in a new year, the U.S. will gain a new president, you will be turning a new age eventually sometime in the next 365 days, but why is there so much emphasis on new things happening just because it’s a new year?

The question arises: should we be making resolutions for the New Year ?

In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to be waiting the extra 2 weeks to start making goals for yourself!

Want to eat healthier? Talk to your mom more? Learn French? Why don’t you start today? What is it that makes us focus on the importance of time and dates to make decisions?

I believe that it comes from this idea of a “fresh start”. For example, when we have a bad day, we hope that when we go to sleep and wake up, things will be better. That somehow, by the sun setting and rising, things will change.

For some of us, this actually works. It’s common to have new perspectives as a new day begins because after having the time overnight to think about things, we are able to draw new conclusions. But just because this is true, does not mean that we should be waiting for something in the future when we can make it happen right now. It doesn’t make sense to put off something we want to achieve just for the sake of having New Years resolutions!

So my advice to anyone making New Years resolutions this year is to look at your list and ask yourself: Can I start this today?

If the answer is yes, stop the countdown to January 1st and start working towards your goals. Time will always be moving forward no matter what, so why shouldn’t you?