If you are particularly a physics enthusiast or pursuing a degree in physics, then CERN is that dream destination for you where you can see physics in it’s ultimate action. Most famously known for its cutting edge contribution to particle physics, CERN is by far the most exciting place to be for understanding the particle physics and it’s implications. CERN’s myriad experiments are focused on understanding the fundamental structure of universe and space time interaction of particle physics. The experiments can be broadly classified under CERN’s Physics, computing and engineering faculties.

Wondering how to be a part of CERN’s breath taking environment? To begin with, clearly identify your category from the following options; student, teaching professional, engineering professional or scientist. Under each category CERN has relevant pilot programs.

The summer student program is for the undergraduate students of physics, computing and engineering. Students get the opportunity to visit the CERN facility in Geneva, Switzerland. The multidisciplinary and multicultural environment is a concoction of extreme intellect from all over Europe. Apart from work in the experimental tasks, the program offers a series of lectures delivered by scientists and engineering professionals. The interaction of theoretical and experimental particle physics/computing is discussed in length and breadth. Towards the end of the program every participant has to submit a short report on their work at CERN. Typically an undergrad summer program in CERN is anywhere between 8 weeks to 13 weeks of stay.

Masters students and PhD. students have the benefit working on their thesis while spending 6 to 36 months in CERN. Three notable programs are the Doctoral student program, the technical student program and the CERN openlab summer student program. Don’t forget to make a note of the important deadlines! Students who have to submit a thesis in their current program, can find a list of theses cited as an example by CERN, that can be pursued as your research in CERN. There is also an option of short term internship in IT projects at CERN. Administrative summer programs are also available. If you still haven’t found your match, check out the list of other programs and their description in the CERN career portal.

CERN has also opened its platform for graduates, associates and professionals for becoming a part of its technology development. Lastly, CERN provides a rich learning experience to the teaching community as well. A prominent program is the High School Physics Teacher Programme held in the first 3 weeks of July. All in all, CERN is a Pandora’s box where there is some magic for any person who seeks the knowledge of universe and its bearings from the scratch.