Are you really ready for a challenge?

We don’t realize it but the things that make some of us happy the most are the simplest joys and the littlest things. The world is becoming very fast paced and there is no  “rewind” button. So why don’t we take a moment, slow down and appreciate the small things that come our way. If you resonate with these words, then the #100Happydayschallenge is for you. Note that “challenge” is used but it doesn’t necessarily mean being happy is a competition, all it means is that the challenge is for you, and no one else. So challenge yourself to live happier, healthier, and brighter.

On that note, take a moment to check out this page called “love is.”. It’s simply a Facebook page that was created based on a University of Ottawa project. It details what love is (love of life, love of self, love of others etc) from the perspectives of several University of Ottawa students…and each student’s opinion of what love is might just bring a few smiles and happiness to you.

So, do what you love but most of all, be happy. You can start by doing the #100HappyDays Challenge or share what your love is on the official “Love is.” Facebook page.

Finally, inspired by the words of Evel Knievel, begin to fly through the air and live in the sunlight, but most of all enjoy life as much as you can.

can you be happy for 100 days