Steve Cutts is a London based animator and illustrator who has risen to the visual arts scene over the last few years with powerful imagery on the future of the human species and the current situation of the veiled dystopian world we call planet earth. What went wrong? What exactly is happening? and what can be done? These are some of the questions that one of Cutts’ most successful animated works titled “Man” aims to answer.

Perception and awareness are key and even if Cutts’ Man offers no solution, it is evident that Cutts aims to use the power of imagery combined with his skillset to call our attention to the destructive nature of our species. In Man, a character appears on screen with a welcome t-shirt, no doubt Cutt’s way of giving nod to the relatively new emergence of the human species – yet they possess the most ability to cause harm. As this character progresses through the video, he is observed wrecking havoc on other species and on nature itself. The film is the parable of a man in conflict with the world, who aims for power and not unity with other species. Regardless, the most striking part of the video is at the end where man is sitting atop his throne of destruction and he is visited by other species from another planet.

Cutts hits the nail on the coffin spot on with this video, however critics have acknowledged the lack of solutions offered in the video. Especially in a world where content that depict the problems and not the solutions are over saturated, people now expect visionaries to offer solutions and not clasp their hands together with mouths sealed shut. Solutionaries are now needed and I agree. Can species co-exist? or does one have to give for the other to survive? These are some from a field of questions that arise around this subject matter. Nonetheless, Cutts’ Man is still gripping and deserves to be watched.


Check out Cutts’ official website for more of his works.