Every year is marked by different events that occur. Some of them are amazing and progressive and help move society forward into a new light. Other acts may be interpreted as less progressive and more associated with the negative tones of hatred and violence that the recent years have ushered in.

This month marked the arrival of a new terrorist act. This one was concentrated within Manchester, England and at a concert attended by children of all ages and their parents. It was an incident that terrified both children and parents and caused a series of panic and mania that has also affected the world. This new case of terror has sparked an outrage within many people, especially since it included children. As one news outlet suggested, “a child’s first concert should not end in terror”.

Children and parents alike flocked to a much anticipated concert hosted by Ariana Grande. Tons of people rejoiced in the mere event of an exciting concert taking place. But their hopes and expectations were quickly doused by this event.

A sudden bombing was heard at the back of the concert, eliciting an array of screams and shock from many patrons. What was supposed to be an enjoyable and memorable night turned out to be a horrid display of violence witnessed by young children.

Twenty two people were killed and 120 were injured at the venue. The singer herself offered to cover the funeral costs for all those affected by the explosion. This bombing is only one in a series of horrific events that have recently registered with citizens of the world. More and more acts of terror are being committed and the world seems to be at a loss of how to deal with it.

Individuals should keep in mind that spreading positivity and cheer goes a much longer way than venting out frustrations through actions that hurt others. As a society, it is more important to focus on methods of inclusion. Different walks of life have been persecuted enough so we should strive to better educate those who think otherwise.

Whatever the reason or cause for a terrorist act, it is up to everyone to play their part and repel the hatred that accompanies these acts. Terrorism is taking the world by force and it affects everyone everyday. We are all required to play our part and stand up for those being targeted. For who knows-today, it’s a stranger, but tomorrow, it could be you. Hatred and discrimination spreads like wildfire but be sure to drown its flames by distributing kindness and goodwill to others. Play your part and stand up for those who are vulnerable. It’s your duty as a citizen of this world.