Marque is a fashion production team based in Houston, Texas. Its purpose is to provide opportunities and exposures for talents such as models, make-up artists, hairstylists, photographers, and stylists. As a team, they provide services to designers, artists, and other individuals in need of their fashion services. Some of these services include photo/video shoot coordinations, fashion show coordinations, individual services with make up artists, and Photographers.

Ultimately, Marque’s goal is to assist each member of their team enter into the fashion industry with an experience of working with other diverse talents within the fashion world.

Ashley Aminah is Marque’s CEO, and below is an excerpt on the description of her team and the idea behind the creation of Marque;

“About two years ago I found myself at a new university, and the students would tell me that they loved my sense of fashion. I was later asked to put together a fashion show for my university, and after the first fashion show, I was offered three more shows, and this began a serious interest in me for fashion and its world. Soon after I realized that a team of talented individuals would solve many backstage issues I couldn’t tackle on my own. So, this was where the idea of Marque came about, and since then, I’ve been striving to create the ideal fashion team”.

I think Marque is an incredible team of fashion-forward and talented individuals. Their concept of creativity is almost impeccable and their ability to promote teamwork and team support in a highly competitive world is arguably admirable.  If you are interested in their line of work, visit Marque‘s blog, and feel free to contact the CEO of Marque herself at;

CEO of Marque

Ashley Aminah

(832) 475-4431

All files concerning Marque remain confidential.

The following images represent only a glimpse of their incredible work, take a look and feel free to leave comments below.