A missing roommate.

A small town story.

A thrilling and dramatic tale of how one incident can spiral out of control. Mary Kubica’s novel, “Don’t You Cry” brings to light the reality of how one woman’s struggle can be enlisted as much more than what’s on the surface. Quinn, a seemingly normal woman, wakes up one day to discover her roommate, Esther, has mysteriously disappeared from their modest Chicago apartment. Thinking nothing of it, Quinn goes on with her life until she realizes this whole disappearance may be more than it seems. As the days go on, it’s up to Quinn to find out what happened. As she delves deeper and deeper into Esther’s life, she begins to uncover secrets about her friend she never knew existed.

Alex lives an uneventful life. Maintaining a low-key job as a waiter at the local greasy spoon, he makes minimum wage in an attempt to keep his household afloat after the death of his mother. Living with his alcoholic father proves difficult for this intelligent teenager but the sudden appearance of a mysterious character proves to be an exciting welcome into a sombre life.

The appearance of this mystery girl becomes the beginning of Alex’s obsession. As she takes up residence in a formerly haunted house, Alex begins to learn more and more about his small Michigan town and the secrets exposed about its tenants. Growing up after high school and facing the reality of throwing away his future, he begins to investigate the residents and finds out a truth too disturbing to face.

The novel is narrated in a first person perspective which allows the readers to become entranced with the true concept of the story. This is a story of how people may appear to be so much more than they seem. The writing style expressed throughout this novel accurately dictates the whole mood and theme of the book. It is thrilling and fast paced but is still set within a realistic theme which anyone can attest to. It makes the reader wonder…do any of us really know the people we surround ourselves with?

The style through which the book is narrated helps to maintain the sinister tale in a way that may be so inviting for the reader. It allows the ability to become so enveloped in the story. It makes it easy to feel like you are part of the story-like you’re living it, The overall air of the book is very sinister and dark and it makes for a wonderfully compelling novel that is unique and sure to be a bestseller.

Comparisons to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn may be made in the sense that the whole novel keeps the reader guessing over and over again. As someone who had read this novel and viewed the movie, I can admit that both novels have this wonderfully entertaining ability to suck the reader into the story and help you realize more about the human corruption of the novel. The true spectrum of human weakness is exposed and begs the question of what you would do if thrust in the same situation. The human instinct when sensing fear is fight or flight. Either option is welcome but what would you truly do if forced in the same position?

Overall, I will admit that this novel is definitely worth the read. A true diamond in the rough, I’ll admit but once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down. You will be on the edge of your seat and swept up into a battle of emotion that will keep you guessing over and over again. Grab a glass of wine and get wrapped up in this hypnotic tale for this author is making waves.