“Be thinner today!” was plastered across the wall. Photos of thin, beautiful females behind said quote smiled and pushed you to look like them without saying a word. Wherever I looked, there were ads like that one. Products that were supposed to make us the definition of beautiful. I always wondered why we had to follow such drastic rules to perfection. The media portraying their plus sized models as nothing more than a little chubby. The girls behind the camera having every blemish covered. I continuously saw girls wearing clothing to tight, make-up to hide the faces of true beauty underneath and always looked for new ways to be “beautiful”.

Girls would glance my way and see a girl who wore baggy clothes, had an imperfect face and that was fat, when in reality I was the perfect weight (for me), didn’t care about what I wore and wouldn’t let make-up hide my true beauty. I felt sorry for these girls who lost the sight of true beauty. All of these things never mattered, until the media made it matter. Until they forced this definition of hot and gorgeous our way. Of course I can’t change the minds of every girl out there, can’t change the fact that the media is giving us horrible and unrealistic definitions of beauty, but even if one girl, one girl out there changed the way she saw beauty from the outer shell to what lies on the inside, well… I would feel proud that not all females are corrupted into thinking that our outer shell is all that matters.

Unfortunately they have corrupted our minds into thinking we will never be perfect until we force our bodies into their breaking point, until we truly feel beautiful, and even then we won’t be. The media will always find new ways to corrupt us into the perfect being. In reality these ideas should be dismissed, but how can we do this when these ideas are around every corner and shoved into our faces by television, the internet and other human beings. Why can’t we just dismiss their unnecessary voices and do what we want to do, be who we want to be and look how we want to look. Is it because their voices drill into our minds and become our own?