Are you constantly plagued with acne and have  tried different products without any improvements? Well if you are in this category of people, I want to ask you this question,”Have you tried modifying your milk consumption? You may be asking “what has milk got to do with this?or may be thinking  that milk provides essential nutrients for everyday life. While this is true, the answer is that milk may have everything to do with your constant flare of acne. This is due to the following reasons;

  • Milk contains hormones such as dihydrotestosterone(DHT), insulin like growth factors 1 and 2 (IGF-1 and IGF-2). These hormones disrupt the body’s hormonal balance, causing the increase in sebum production. 
  • Increase in sebum production leads to the clogging of pores because pores are too small to release all sebum at ones.
  • This environment encourages the growth of bacteria especially Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes)  which leads to complications such as cysts.

In order to confirm this occurrence, I had to experiment with milk. Below are the results I had (Note: I used milk at breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days);

  • Day 3: I noticed little flares of zits on my forehead. They were really small. ( I used milk for breakfast lunch and dinner on this day)
  • Day 4: The zits on my forehead grew bigger (the site of it was horrible).
  • Day 5-10: I refrained from using any milk for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Day 11: To my greatest surprise, the size of my zits reduced immensely.

file00035829149Recommendations: If you are in doubt after reading this article or you feel that the cause of the constant flare of zits may be related to milk, here are two recommendations;

  • Do a milk fast over the course of seven days. If you see a positive result and you feel you are willing to avoid milk, that’s very good. You can get nutrients from fruits and vegetables. But if you feel you can not do without milk, here is another recommendation;
  • You can take milk and its related products once every other day. This is either at breakfast, lunch or dinner. The milk of choice should be skimmed milk or coconut milk.

I hope with this little insight on acne, you have learnt a thing or two. Remember with patience and dedication, the fight against acne can be won. Have a blessed day!!!


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