The generation X has performed their duty to the world and has given it the maximum amount of benefit it could have had. We have had a great amount of technological advances since they took jobs at the end of the 20th century and managed to bless our Earth with things that people only dreamed of before. After that, it is generation Y that is ruling the corporate and technological world, with their innovations and sharp minds. They adapted to the shift in technology and saw the best of both worlds with many electronics that are now extinct; and devices that have become the need of a common man in today’s life.

Generational Historians may have figured these previous generations out due to their distinct capabilities, but there is one thing that has researchers scratching their heads, and it is the millennial generation. This is because, as they are progressing and taking up responsibilities of the real world, they also have a variety of characteristics that urge people to adapt to them, rather than those youngsters adapting to the system. This is certainly something very unique and is affecting the system of the world a lot. Based on careful considerations, here are a few things that the millennial workforce is bound to change in America.

Retirement System:

There was a time, during the starting time of baby boomers, that people could fulfill the average American dream. This goal has gradually become more of a fantasy than a reality for the newer generations. The retirement system is affecting a lot of people with hardships and complications when it comes to medical and lifestyle expenses. People are tired of trying to make ends meet and any person with an average job and pay scale could end up with a struggling life in old age. The retirement system needs to change from more than just pensions, social security, and personal savings. The changes are in progress to have a better plan to benefit the people, but they are slow and will take time for them to be put into effect. Millennial are trying to have a better lifestyle through the shift in technology and creating newer job opportunities for themselves. They are demanding higher pay scales or amenities that weren’t normally offered before. This can help them save up better for their retirement age.


Tractors, dump trucks, harvesters are all necessary equipment in the farming landscape and have helped farmers throughout the years to maintain their farms effectively. Yet the process of farming is time-consuming and the growth of crops is largely dependent on the climate, while some aspects of the farming also involve manual work. Farms being connected through smart systems will help the farmers of the millennial generation plant, harvest, and control growth of their crops with more precision and less time. With greener farming methods and automatic alerts related to crops’ harvest timings, it is indeed going to be a great leap from the traditional farming methods and a step into a more prosperous future.

Political Landscape:

The recent elections saw a wave of people coming to vote and the number of people who took part in the voting process exceeded a lot of predictions and past records. People are now more attentive when it comes to planning for a better future and are taking interest in the politician whose ideas resonate with the people. Politicians will need to make stronger efforts to win the hearts of their potential followers in the coming decade and physically show through their actions what step they are willing to take for the people of their country.

Shift in Corporate Power:

Large corporations who provide lifestyle and consumption products have ruled the hearts of naïve people in the past century. However, younger people want to be more aware of what they are using in their daily lives or consuming to fulfill their dietary requirements. They need to be shown how much their favorite brands care about the environment or a cause that the product’s demographic hold dear. Recycling and products made from natural materials are more preferred by the American youth which results in the shift of focus from bigger companies to smaller and newer businesses.

There are a number of factors that may change the future as the technology updates in the coming years, but the end result only depends upon how much a generation is willing to accept or adapt to that change. This generation of millennial is certainly proving to the world, that it is not necessary that people should adhere to a system, and that like-minded individuals have the power to change everything.