[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s people grow every day, so does the world they live in. Music has remained a significant component in the world and some people will possibly agree that music has also grown from the cinematic era of classical music to the bright and thunderous era of the present day popular music. In all of this growth and advancement, music’s influence, specifically on youth has always been prominent. This is because, youth itself is defined by music and they have become almost synonymous with each other.

Technology is another component growing with the world, and the digital era that exists today, exposes young people to all forms of music. People have come to identify themselves through music either by listening to their favorite artistes or singing personal heartfelt words rich with emotion. Through all of the evolution from classical music to pop music, technology has always supported musical growth. Thus, it is only logical that every lover of music listens to their favorite songs on the Internet, or even sings out their favorite songs and posts it on the Internet.

This is done in the hopes of the continued definition of self and creating a sense of community of music lovers over the Internet. Such music-dancer2is the case of the Z.E.R.O. Music Group, which consists of four artistes namely Pablo, Uchy, Eejay Yawng and Ramati. Their purpose of starting a music group was the vision to create diversity in the music industry and to provide broad lyrical content that people would easily relate to and synergize with their everyday lives. Z.E.R.O. represents Zenith. Excellence. Reality. Original.

With music increasingly representing a huge component of everyday life, and its constant infusion with personal characteristics, one can irrationally argue that this present era we exist in, could be mistaken with a musical movement. If this is true, you will want to join in the fun of this healthy artistic movement, so support your local bands, support your friends and more so, support the Z.E.R.O. Music Group for their promised vision to provide diversity.


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