My mom used to joke when I was younger that every week I had a new best friend. Looking back, I guess she was right. I went through periods of time of being inseparable from someone and one day, everything would change and then they were gone and I would find someone else.

This process sort of teetered off as I got into high school and my friendships became more stable but everything once again shifted when I moved away for university.

Now, that’s not to say I haven’t kept my highschool friends close, in fact I’m very close with a handful of them, but a lot of my friendships faded. Maybe this is normal but it could also mean that as we grew, we found our selves, and our once present similarities no longer existed.

Sometimes people wonder why friends come and go, but truthfully, life gets in the way and everyone finds their independent journeys.

Everyone starts to follow his or her own path after high school. You’re no longer forced to see anyone and it’s at this time that you get to truly decide whom your friends will be.

I’ve made some great friends in university and I hope to know them for the rest of my life, but somewhere in the back of my mind I know that next year when I graduate life will tear me from the bonds that I’ve built over the past 3 years.

friends at the beach

When I think about my friends and the different relationships that I’ve constructed over the years, I can see the differences. I’m someone who puts a lot of effort into my friendships. If I have a friend who is sad or unwell (physically or mentally) I don’t hesitate to help them and I don’t think twice about it. I know many friends who don’t put such a big emphasis on their friendships. But what I’ve learned is that it’s good to try to maintain or gain or strengthen friendships.

This past year I have tried to strengthen some of my friendships and some of these attempts have been successful and some have appeared to be but in reality are just for show. Jedidiah Jenkins writes, “I realized that there were friends out there that were kind and made me better person. I realized I wasn’t stuck. That life is about who you’re around. Your sense of self is built or broken by the company you keep.

There are so many types of friends you can have and as I grow older I can recognize the type of people I want to keep around and the kind that are just there for me to have fun with (and nothing’s wrong with that).

People say that time may fly but friendships last forever, and that’s not always the case – it’s important to realize that it is O.K.