Networking aka. “Interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts“. As innocent as the definition sounds, in reality networking can be frustrating and intimidating at times. Great debate lingers over the notion that networking is a forté of the extroverts, the outspoken and the confident lot. However, even the most confident person sometimes fails to make the most of a networking event. There is no 101 guide to networking and Networking for Nerds(NFN) seconds this notion. NFN is a very talented group of entrepreneurs from Ottawa.  Their idea is to make networking not only easier but a fun event as well.

“Networking for Nerds is business networking without the boring.  No classes, no seminars, no lectures. It’s a straight up networking event that doesn’t take itself too seriously and focuses on fun things to do while meeting new people and making new contacts.” -Networking for Nerds

NFN has already made it’s mark in Ottawa’s startup league. It has provided a very efficient platform for business networking, and events hosted by NFN are not  like any typical networking event. Their events are carefully organized so that every participant gets the most out of it. Most importantly, every attendee definitely gets to network with optimism and a positive outcome is almost always guaranteed! Since it’s inception, the team’s efforts have helped people across different professions in Ottawa, to come together and connect. NFN  also hosts a blog  on it’s official website along with a very cool line of merchandise, available on their online store. They totally bring out the geek and the smart in you! Not being a nerd is not an option.


NFN  is a well rounded team of millennials. A potpourri of talent that covers all aspect of business, strategy and leadership. No wonder they are revolutionizing networking.

The Nerds (Please contact NFN for latest team and organizational changes, post article publishing date)

Matt Drouillard        Founder & President
Daniyal Zafar            Business Development Dir. / Sponsorship Sales
Laura Brown             Community Opps.
Teresa Scrivens        Business Development /Sponsorship Sales Lead
Amy Chamberlain   Content Strategy and Creation (Facebook and twitter).
Courtney Swan        Content Strategy and Creation (Instagram and blog).
Alex Aragona           Marketing and Strategies Director.
Rick Bond                 Graphic Design and Logistics.
Kyle Humphrey       Community Opps.
Chris Penny             Community Opps.

WINGD networks with the NERDS 

In a recent vis-à-vis with Wingd, Matt  and Daniyal gave more insight into NFN’s vision and future plans. The idea of NFN was conceived in early July, 2015.  Networking is different to every individual and NFN believes in accommodating every body.  They do not want to teach you how to network, rather they want you to enjoy networking. Matt strongly believes that every one should be able to network. Daniyal’s experience with a past NFN event prompted him to join the team officially. He now leads the team on business development. The number of people attending each event has only grown since the team’s inception. The response of people is amazing and the growth is pretty much exponential. So how is NFN different from existing networking platforms like LinkedIn? Matt and Daniyal agree that NFN has all the benefits of networking without the formalization. From his experience of gauging scores of networking events, Matt points out that, “If you are lost in the event and there is no one to guide or answer your questions, then you are at a wrong place.” The future, for NFN is to grow it’s branches in different cities outside of Ottawa. The future for NFN is global.

“It’s an unforgettable event where you can explore novel projects, have a ton of fun and enjoy yourself while fostering relationships, digging into a Poutine Bar or gaming to your hearts content.  This event is especially suited for those with a keen interest in coding, science, engineering, tech, and game development! We hope to see you there.” -Networking for Nerds

Fun with the Nerds

I have to admit, interviewing Matt and Daniyal was a really fun experience. Not often do you get to muddle your head over physics equations with folks you are meeting for the very first time! So what is on the Networking for Nerds’ timeline now? Don’t forget to attend Networking for Nerds in October and November. Get your tickets ASAP, and mark your calendars! You will not regret it. Glimpses from the NFN events can be seen on the group’s official Facebook page . The enthusiasm of participants will not escape your notice. Do not forget to follow the nerds on twitter @Network4Nerds , Facebook and Instagram.

Featured image courtesy © Networking for Nerds