Neuroplasticity is the cool new concept that has been established by various neuroscientists and researchers that refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of increasing life experience and brain activity. This concept has refuted the once believed idea that the brain remains static after infancy and childhood, so that by adulthood the brain’s physical structure becomes permanent. Neuroplasticity or otherwise called cortical remapping is one of my favorite concepts out there and I am still doing some research on it. However, below is an interesting video that I have come across on the internet that explains brain plasticity at its basic level.

For further information, read Norman Doidge’s best selling book called “The Brain that Changes Itself”. It’s a great book that deeply explores brain plasticity and narrates a few case histories of patients, whose lives have been changed by scientists that have championed neuroplasticity. This is indeed a moving book that may alter the way we look at human possibility, human nature, as well as the brain’s limit. For more information on the book, you can check the book on amazon.

The brain that changes itself