In this moment, my heart truly and deeply aches for Nigeria. In the past week, there has been a global outpour of support for Nigeria, and this is both overwhelming and surprising. However, I can’t help but think that the famous hashtag (#bringbackourgirls) used to show everyone’s support has simply become a fad in the past few days. This does not mean that people do not genuinely care, but it just means that even if this case is solved, Nigeria will still continue to have problems. The real issue isn’t that the abduction of about 300 girls in one state reinforces that Nigeria is underdeveloped, but it’s that there are millions of other Nigerians suffering everyday and there is not a thing that can/has been done to help them. Nigeria is underdeveloped because of the history of colonialism and if everyone’s support will just focus on all of Nigeria’s problems instead of just one, then I think that’ll be the true accomplishment of protests, hashtags and Facebook posts. But before then, c’est la vie. Bring back our girls.