Christmas and the New Year go hand in hand. While Christmas can be ridiculously hectic and stressful, it is also very positive in its ability to bring together families and friends. It’s a time for rejoicing in various festivities with loved ones while keeping in mind the true meaning of Christmas. With the holidays fast approaching, it can be easy to be all caught up in the materialistic ways of Christmas. We can be so caught up in this that we fail to recognize the positivity that the New Year can bring.

The New Year is a time for reflection upon the soul. It’s a time for people to reflect upon the events of the past year and recognize how they can move forward with self improvement. Some people choose to take this time to commit to weight loss goals or learning to cook or taking a class to improve a skill. Other people aim to improve their lives by procuring a new job or getting married.

These goals are interpreted as resolutions. Resolutions are an individual’s commitment to improve a certain aspect of their life. These resolutions aim to benefit and change a person’s life in order to help them feel more wholesome. New Year’s resolutions aim to benefit the individual in a way that will improve them over the course of the year. While a year may seem a long time, most people don’t complete their resolutions. Therefore, we can interpret the resolution as a goal for those who do intend to keep this commitment alive.

Goals are all very personal things. They are very specific to the individual at hand and it’s important to remember that they are meant to be take advantage of in a moral and ethical way. If one does not set goals, then one shall not accomplish them.


It is clearly a feat in and of itself to set a specific goal and accomplish it. Many people seem to assume that a year is plenty of time to accomplish the goal, but, unfortunately, unless one does not start from day one, it will not be accomplished.

A basic human feat is making mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and endures decisions they regret but we also have the ability to change our decisions and improve our lifestyles. However, in order to seek adequate improvement, one has to have a structured guideline on how to do that. The structure and plan on how to achieve the goal will differ from person to person but dedicating one’s time and effort to doing so will aid in this.

If one puts in an ordinate amount of effort, accomplishing a goal manifested through a new years’ resolution can definitely be achieved. Like with anything worth doing, this accomplishment may take time and dedication but it can only prove to benefit the lives of those who cherish it.

Try doing it yourself! Try making an achievable New Year’s resolution for 2017 and see it through to the end. It might just help you improve yourself!