Due to the multitude of places to kickback and eat in downtown Ottawa, my boyfriend and I had a very difficult choice to make in terms of where to have a nice late dinner. So, after walking around downtown for a while, we (okay okay I) decided to go dine in a very upscale restaurant called Blue Cactus  located on 2 Byward Market Square. It was my second time there, and this time, my experience was way much better. Here are some reasons why:

If you want good service, then Blue Cactus is one place to go. We got seated very quickly by a waitress who was very warm, cheerful and ready to take our orders. The food came to us pretty quickly too, and the waitress often checked on us to find out how the food tasted, as well as to make little conversation. In all honesty, I have no complain about the service, which is rare, but the waitress undoubtedly got a generous tip from us after our hour and a half visit to the restaurant.

blue cactus
Bacon Cheese burger – Blue Cactus

Now, we need to get down to business, meaning we have to talk about the food. For our entrée, we had nachos and guacamole. I must admit, I didn’t like the guacamole (don’t recommend it). It was way too acidic, so it didn’t taste good. However, afterwards I had the “chicken chimichanga”, can you please raise your hands and say “AMAZING”. It was the best thing I ever ate (after my mom’s food obviously). It was so tasty that I even dreamt about it the following night. It’s basically a burrito, but fancier. I really enjoyed the rice and beans; it’s spicy and the chicken is also very juicy and tender. My beau got the bacon cheeseburger (without bacon), and I think it was good since he kept it all to himself (I guess it was too good to share). Their fries were good; they had a great crunch to them. On a side note, I don’t like the idea of having a little basket of pop-corn on the table. I understand it was a way for the customers to snack on something while waiting for their food. However, I don’t like the fact that popcorn is served as a free starter and is left on the table for a long period of time just like that.  It’s basically collecting dust and there is no way that the popcorn will stay fresh. In addition, I absolutely regret not choosing to eat dessert during our visit, but now that I am looking at their dessert menu online, I have to say that the “chocolate bar” and the “white chocolate crème brûlée” both sound delicious.

Lastly, the restaurant’s ambiance was good. When we were there, a birthday party was taking place at a table next to us. In others words, it was a festive ambiance and I noticed a very nice yet minute detail about Blue Cactus. They have a live DJ playing the music. Some may think that this fact is useless, but I found the live DJ bit amazing especially while the birthday celebration was occurring. The DJ had a great playlist meaning he also had a few tracks from the 90’s.

So, did I convince you to go visit Blue Cactus? If so, visit 2 Byward Market Square in Ottawa and I promise that you are sure in for a treat.