For months now walking through the Rideau Center has been torture. Not because I’m tempted to buy every single thing in every store I walk by, but because the signs for “Nordstrom Opening” have been up forever! However – the day has finally arrived! Nordstrom will be opening its doors today and I could not be more excited.

As someone who has travelled to the States many times, I always hoped that one of their big department stores would come over to us.

Nordstrom is an upscale fashion retailer that is a lot like our Hudson’s Bay Company – just more American and on a bit higher of a scale. Having Nordstrom open is a great opportunity to finally buy all those things you usually travel across the border to get. Lots of designers and brands that you can’t get in Canada – you can find at Nordstrom!

The store will be opening at 9:30AM and there will be some makeup stations right below the store (outside of the Bath & Body Works) for anyone interested in trying or purchasing some new products.

Nordstrom will also have a café, which apparently will have delicious foods for people to take a break while shopping, wine and dine, and then shop some more.

I don’t know about you guys but I am definitely ready for some change in the Rideau Center – and I think Nordstrom will be the perfect addition.

Happy Shopping!