Clumsy, inarticulate, mischievous, random, weird…

All of these terms may be used to describe a girl who is awkward in her identity.

Identity is merely a construct of modern conventions. It is a way for modern age people to figure out who you are and stick a label on you that confines your true self and makes it hard to be different. To be different is okay and more widely accepted than it once was. We now have the power to be whomever we want to be in a world that is more accommodating and aware of differences.

Nowadays, people have the ability to be different than others. Women have the resources and the right to speak their minds and rebel against the traditional norms set upon them by conventional standards. Women can discuss topics that were previously considered taboo like the trials and tribulations of period suffering and celebrating the art of bringing life into this world.

Women can also stand up for themselves and rebel against misogynistic norms that trap women into doing a man’s bidding. Speaking out against rape and sexual assault has paved a new way for individuals to be free in their expressions.

As well, the celebration of pride and homosexuality has sparked an outburst of passionate acclaim for many individuals. While some still vocalize their personal hatred for homosexuality, many more choose to celebrate it and accept the differences between their people.

However, this recent broadcast of the awkward girl or the klutzy girl has also taken the main stage. Women who are empowered by the fact that they are funny and klutzy have very much become a product of the modern age. The new wave of acceptance has opened up a new door for individuals.

More and more women are rendering themselves as “awkward” and publicizing their personal love for the term. The fact that being awkward is much more than an accidental state of life and rather a normal standard is a conception much more acknowledged than ever.

But what does it mean to be awkward?

Being awkward means that you’re unapologetic for saying strange things or inappropriate things at the wrong time. Being awkward means that you have regrets about being outgoing or funny or sarcastic at any moment of the day.

Awkwardness is rather a verb and action than ever. It’s a state in which you are free to do whatever you wish to do and be whomever you wish to be. You may do so without apologies or regrets because it is simply a part of who you are. It’s a relevant aspect of one’s identity but may be manipulated into any part of yourself you choose to show off.

Some may call it the “lazy” girl way but it’s mostly about being yourself and staying true to who you are. Feel like eating a whole pizza by yourself? Awkward but awesome. Want to ask out your crush but keep producing word vomit? Awkward but resilient and determined.

Nobody can tell you how to be or how to exist. You simply have to stay true to who you are and accept the fact that you’re not like other people. You are you, through and through and no one else can be you. You’re an individual and you’re relevant. Recognizing your identity is the most amazing thing in the world and you should be proud.