Dear Ottawa,

I take this opportunity to share with you the success of the musical event  called “Parampara” hosted by exceptionally talented musicians, who are officially known as the Indian Classical Music Association of Ottawa (ICMA-Ottawa) . The event was held on November 8th, Saturday at the Ottawa Citizen Theatre.

Parampara was dedicated to the community of teachers and mentors. ICMA has provided a wonderful platform to local artists, semi-professional and professional performers to spread their love and passion for Indian Classical Music.The event was opened by a song performed by Dr. Vinay Bhide, who dedicated the performance to gurus.

As the event proceeded, a symphony of esoteric music echoed in the hall. A perfect blend of vocal and instrumental notes. The performance of the tiny tots, made us all spell bound! You would be surprised to hear the performers hitting all the complicated notes in the perfect order!

While every performance was brilliant, at this point I can’t help but share my favourite of all. Played on violin and based on Raga “ Yaman”, below is the magic of strings that literally syncs with your soul:

All in all, I would say every element of traditional Indian Music, “Ragas”, “Thumri”, “Gazal” and more was captured in their true element. An evening to remember indeed.

The photo collage (provided by ICMA-Ottawa) above captures every artist during their divine performance. A complete audio listing of the scores can be found at Mr. Udit Bhide’s personal blog listed under event “Parampara”. More information can be found on “Parampara” and Indian Classical Music. So, follow the journey of ICMA-Ottawa if you are an ardent lover of Indian Classical Music, and go ahead and let yourself loose in the mystic harmony of transcendental music.