About two months ago, we featured an incredible artist, Ojo Agi on our website. She has successfully launched her own personal website and is now sharing and selling her incredible art to members of the public. Feel free to visit Ojo Agi’s website to find out more about her and her incredible work.

Among her many amazing creations is the artwork titled “The Daisy collection”. She will be launching postcards for this collection in a week, but before then she has decided to give away a free pack of postcards to long time supporters of her work. To find out more on how to be qualified for this giveaway and for additional details visit her website. In addition, the giveaway ends this Saturday, July 19, so go on over to www.ojoagi.com before it ends, so you can have a chance of winning these postcards showcasing the work of this ever talented artist.

Also, don’t forget to read the previous article we posted on Ojo Agi, and feel free to leave comments below.

ojo agi artwork