Ottawa is about order and regulation.  However, in the summer it’s also about enjoyment and embracing creativity.  Behold seven haikus about Ottawa:

Summer in Ottawa

No more ice and snow
Summertime in Ottawa
Is about the sun

The Rideau Canal 

It’s empty and drained
Devoid of ice and skaters
It waits for boaters

The Hill

Green, grand, and copper
On the Hill sits Parliament
Awaiting tourists

The Byward Market

Doors are flung open
They welcome you to venture
Into stores and pubs

The National Gallery of Canada

Glass windows glitter
Maman protects all of it*
Art resides in there

*Maman is a sculpture outside of the Gallery in Ottawa (

The Museum of Nature

There is a castle
Where mammoths sit on the grass
And dinosaurs roam

The Nation’s Capital

Do not be fooled friends
There is so much to see here
Go out and explore

It may not be June 21st yet but Summer is here in Ottawa right now.  Take advantage of the sunshine and the warmth to travel throughout the city.