Picnic season is certainly upon us and there are so many great locations in Ottawa to spread out a blanket and sit & eat in nature for an hour or two (or an entire day). Majors Hill Park, Dow’s Lake, The Locks, and anywhere along the Rideau Canal are great spots in the downtown area. Or venture a little further and picnic at one of the many scenic locations in Gatineau Park, or one of the surrounding small towns. The key to a successful picnic is something decently comfy to sit on, (so you can enjoy the food, company and view, without worrying about ants crawling all over you and your food), and a tasty meal that travels well, with something sturdy to carry it in. Pack a book or other activity if you plan to spend the day 🙂

Pair these unique summertime sandwiches with picnic classics like watermelon and veggies & dip for an easy and delicious meal.

For the Sandwiches:

  • Sandwich bread of choice (these were made on Rosemary & Garlic Focaccia Bread)
  • Sliced Brie cheese
  • Sliced fresh peach
  • Turkey breast, cooked, and then shaved or finely sliced
  • Handful of arugula

Place slices of Brie, peach, turkey, and a handful of arugula, in between two slices of bread. Wrap in plastic wrap to hold together for travel.

For the Peach Iced Tea:

  • Tea of choice
  • 1/2 chopped peach per serving
  • 1 tsp honey per serving
  • 3 ice cubes per serving

Brew tea of choice, stir in honey while hot, and allow to cool. Add peaches, ice cubes, and store in mason jars for travel.

Happy Picnic-ing!

picnic sandwich