So what exactly is love? I think the answer is different for many people. But I think all kinds of love have one thing in common, and that is lovers will always care about each other. But, as time goes on, will people’s attitude towards love change? Whatever the result, I think we all have good wishes for it at the beginning. And the photos and sentences below are for all the people who are in love or want to be.

For most people, love originates from adolescence, when we begin to have hormones and develop strong feelings for someone else other than ourselves. After all, most people can testify that they began to fall in love at this age. So let us take a look at what young people in Ottawa, especially students think about love.

love Couple

“Love…uhm, just I feel suddenly there is a person in your life that is more important to you! My other half is the one who I want to share everything with!”



“Love is more like a feeling shared between two people. And I think it is a strong affection!”


Love Couple at Ottawa Event

“Love, which I believe is happiness is beautiful.”


Love Couple at Ottawa Event 2

“I think love is a completion about the part you don’t have. Sometimes you are afraid of exploring until you meet someone who wants the same. Some people who don’t believe in love should either be hurt by it or shouldn’t know about it.”


Couple at Ottawa Event 3

“Love is hope, it’s the last solution to get rid of all kinds of hate…You can do everything that you could not do before with the right one!”

Maybe many years from now, when the life of both of you finally become as stable as you have hoped, the affection between you two will also settle down. This is just like tea leaves, which will finally stay in the bottom of a cup. However, when the leaves stop floating, will the love be more splendid or insipid? The result actually depends on yourself. Moreover, it is a fact that there will never be anything that can be fresh forever. At this time, whenever you kiss her or hold her face, the heart beats may have long been gone, but you know deeply in your heart that she has already become the indispensable part in your life. Also, it is usually at this age when people start to think of the very beginning of this lifelong relationship.

Couple at Ottawa Event

“I just can’t picture my life without him.” “Be at ease at any incoming moment. Also we really appreciate our first trip to north Montreal!”



“When I love, I feel being protected, and I just love our every morning!”


Quote on Love

“I appreciate the love between me and my husband, and I’m so attracted by his kindness and sense of humor.”



“Love?She is my love. You don’t know how long your life would be, and every moment should be the best moment!”

Sometimes most of us would enjoy this peaceful life, but the time, however, would never wait for anyone. How can we imagine the love between two old people? I – to be honest – am still very young, and can not predict my life 50 years from now. But it was not until I met the old couple below, listening to their voice, that I realized love is as alive as a flower, which can germinate, bloom, mellow and become decrepit. Maybe only with these processes can love be complete. So I wish all of you can hold your love for the rest of your lives!

Couple on Love

“To be married for 30 years, you must have patience, understanding, commitment and Laughter. We always laugh together. Oh and uhm…you have to always put each other first!”